Face recognition with easy and free: gain time and productivity

Forget about long lines. Forget about extensive registration processes to get in business buildings, clubs, hotels, condominiums, and so on.

Faced guarantee a fast, simple and secure way to identify customers to all partners.
It is easy to become a partner. Contact us and quickly begin to use facial recognition in your business FOR FREE.
Customers can download the app for free, and after completing a one time quick registration they are all set to start using Faced.

Who can be partner?

Any company officially consolidated.

The only requirement our partner need to start using Faced is a computer with Internet access and a WebCam.
No cost. IT'S FREE!

Are you a user?

Download our app for free and don’t waste more time in queues!

You will only need to fill out a small registration and take a selfie. After that you’re all set!

Want more efficiency and productivity in your day to day. Encourage companies to become Faced partners.

Download the app: